VIP Medical Concierge

At Regency Medical your health is our priority and our doctors are here to provide you with a very personal and premium healthcare service. We believe each individual to be unique and tailor the needs to their own personal requirement, without compromise!

Clinical Summaries

Do you have a large set of notes from different experts in an unorganised fashion? A pile too big to go through? Would you like us to carefully go through all your notes and form a condensed and informative clinical summary that would help in managing your illness more effectively?

Personal Doctor Service

A Personal Doctor is as the name suggests! Dr Karim provides the “Personal Doctor Service”. He will be your personal doctor and provide 24-hour care of your medical needs. This can be discussed in more detail and a meeting can be arranged to go through your needs.

Expert Medical Opinion

Do you have the right diagnosis? Are you in conflict with treatment options? We will liaise with you via email, telephone, or in person and using all your notes, we can provide a clinical summary and obtain second opinions from super-speciality experts around the world.

Immediate Medical Assistance

Have you fallen ill abroad? Would you like a doctor to you to assist you during your illness? We can organise a doctor to travel out and be with you immediately or doctor to discuss your case via telephone with the treating doctors at your location.

Specialist Appointments

Have you seen multiple experts with differing opinions? Often patients seek a second opinion, and then a third opinion, and so on. Specialists are experts and may only offer advice in their own field. Seek the opinion of our Doctor who will ensure you see the correct specialist.

Medical Advocate

Often patients see a specialist and come out of the consultation with several difficult options to make, or they find it difficult to understand exactly what the problem may be. Our doctor will attend the appointment with you and act with your best interests in mind.

Medical Escort

Would you like a doctor to travel with you for peace of mind? Sometimes you may medically require a doctor to escort you during a flight. At other times you may just want the reassurance of a doctor to be with you. We can travel to and from any destination in the world.


Are you in need of medications? Have you misplaced your medications? Are your medications difficult to get hold of and not available everywhere? We can arrange for almost any medication to be sourced worldwide and get delivered to your doorstep.